Molasses Cookie Recipe – Simple Steps

Before you begin, make sure that the following items in your kitchen. These include butter, sugar and eggs. If not check if you have flour, biscuits, baking soda, salt, ginger and other things I would like to add cookies.

At first you have to mix the butter and sugar with the egg. So you need to add with molasses. Once you get a fine mix, you can start other things, like baking soda, salt, ginger, etc. are no different than theconventional elements are added to deal with every type of cookie. In fact, this list would be based on your preferences. For example, some would like to add more rooms with others add little. These little things can make a big difference in the final taste of the cookie.

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Then you need to heat the dough in an oven until it is golden. Now you can roll it into white sugar. After this you can place the cookies on baking sheet.

Then you must put the cookiesrolled in white sugar in the oven. Set the temperature levels. Modern furnaces have the settings for cookie baking. If you are not sure of the temperature level which should be adjusted, you can just set the default value for cookies and relaxation. In general, it would take about 15 minutes for cookies to get the crispy nature. Now it happened. Cookies are ready to love another, and so would your children.

Molasses Cookie Recipe – Simple Steps


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