Simplicity and Traditions in the Kitchen

Cooking is a way of connecting with family and sharing a common experience with them. To maximize the amount of time to pass the experience we strive for easy cooking and entertaining. The easiest and most enjoyable to make the process, the more you connect with your family. I came across an interview with the famous Italian chef Walter Potenza that states these ideas very elegantly.

First we will try to alleviate the effects of looking at cooking.Chef Power says:

Kitchen Cooking

"I feel that a return to simple food is a must have their heads back to basics and lead their protégés through intensive training programs of the American leaders have learned the art of simplicity … My suggestion, students learn: .. looking for your culture and identity. study it, study it forever and put it on the plate. "

Power makes the kitchen chef argument is a way to share an experience with your family. He is alsoCooking with the words connects generations. Exemplifies this tradition can be taken:

"I personally enjoy a style of cuisine that reaches for the past. Trends come and go but traditions will always be here. I made a step forward in the kitchen, going back in time, and for me it means very much … I always believed that traditions are like umbilical cords. They will always return you to your great mothers, no matter how often can change your life in the streets. "

Finally, alwayswould like to stress cooking must be fun, so you have to do it often. When asked what he said most enjoyed cooking Chef Power:

"Pleasant guests. And 'the best reward for cooking and can satisfy every palate and create experiences for our guests always treasure."

That master of the kitchen agrees with me that cooking should be simple and fun. This in turn will help families and generations come closer together. I think this will help everyone live a richerlife more rewarding. To join me in this adventure and experience can be so easy and fun good food for you.

Simplicity and Traditions in the Kitchen


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