Japanese tradition from the hands of the Americans

Japanese tradition from the hands of the Americans Video Clips. Duration : 1.98 Mins.

ANCHOR: A tradition of Japan in the hands of Americans. An American from New York chef wins the heart of Tokyo, with its first hot dishes, ramen is like the ultimate importation into the United States. HISTORY: Ramen soup recipe in a Chinese soup, pasta and condiments, a unique dining experience is now closer to the hearts of ordinary Japanese as sushi or tempura. When Ivan Ramen, Japanese pasta shop in a suburb of Tokyo, 45, New York Ivan Orkin and his colleagues to voteT-shirts abound in the kitchen trying to fill, and turn every 10 seats. Every day Orkin fills a bowl with the measured amount of oil, grease and aroma, pour the soup into the bowl and the court terminated by time perfectly cooked noodles. Since its opening in June 2007, customers have the ramen shop is increasing exponentially. The line of people outside these hungry pasta shop in Tokyo Japan, a typical show. But the sight of a Westerner – namely American chef Ivan Orkingreeted his customers with a hot bowl of ramen is a rarity for fans – Japan's national obsession with soup broth, pasta and condiments. The 200 is ramen bowls a day I became a hit with the locals, they did not expect a foreigner, to say Master the art of noodle soup. [Satoshi Wada, Customer]: "I was expecting a ramen greasy Americanized, but it was really easy and delicious." Others say it's stylish ramen Orkin, recorded 6-12 dollars, shows theSkills

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